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The Art Of Being Vulnerable

What does it mean to be vulnerable in a world where one can be shunned due to that vulnerability?

We are currently in a world where technology is increasing & you either put your real emotions or your fake emotions out for the world to see. It’s a blessing and a curse. 

If you’re too real, than you might as well pack your bags and go home to a place where only you can live with your emotions, whether you are seen as speaking too much of the truth or you are too emotional. If you’re too fake, well, you may as well look into the mirror and see who you really are. This is how the world perceives each other and how each other perceives the world.

With social media, there are new terms. Like 'cancel culture' for instance. A friend of mine mentioned how our society automatically cancels when things go wrong, how humans don’t often listen to one another before making rash decisions to cancel them out. It’s true.

We’re so busy and so quick in trying to cancel everything that hurts us, especially on social media, that to be quite honest, we may not even have anything left to enjoy. Now, this is not supporting things that are blatantly wrong, but it’s how quick we are to react to certain events. There’s no doubt that there are hurtful things in the world, but maybe we take things that aren't too hurtful too literally sometimes.

However, there’s a right to feeling emotional in a world where quite possibly everything seems as if it’s turning upside down. So much is impacting the way we think and perceive one another that it becomes a jumbled mess. A specific thing online can change how we think outside of our screens, and as they say, make us feel ‘triggered’.

Being vulnerable in a society that profits off of our emotions is hard. We want to stand for what is right, but we don’t want to get in danger of doing so. 

Vulnerability is a good thing though, because we are breaking down to that raw reality of who we are. Vulnerability can help us open our mind to what’s happening around us, and when it comes to art especially, we are throwing everything we have into creating something beautiful, whether it’s for us to enjoy or for someone else to enjoy. Expressing your ideas through various platforms allow us to get the word across and to share the power of all stories from different backgrounds.

It’s a 50/50 situation, being vulnerable and emotional in this world, but that’s what makes humans, humans. This idea that none of us have everything set in stone but bouncing thoughts and ideas off of one another to make it on this earth, planet, simulation, whatever you want to call it.

Being vulnerable allows us to love but can also allow us to hate, both equally with everything our bodies can produce. So maybe it’s okay to be vulnerable and maybe it’s not, but sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to show emotion. Sometimes it’s okay to do that because at least it shows that some people care.

But is there a limit to this emotion we contain within ourselves, and how much can be too much?

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