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Love: Family, Friends, Significant Others...The List Goes On

Love is many things.

It's comfort, it's the uncomfortable but being constantly supported. It's happiness. It's laughter. It's the thick and thin through the good and bad. Love has all kinds of meanings, but it shouldn't be toxic.

Loving someone doesn't mean you're constantly putting others in a negative light or shutting them down. You have to listen to what your loved ones have to say.

There's no need for blackmail or making them feel bad because they didn't do things a certain way. It shouldn't be, "I do everything for you and you do nothing", when that person does more or equal to bringing joy or whatever you want most of the time.

Even though your loved one didn't call right away, they make sure to check in on you as soon as you/they get home is important. Even when their calls/text can get overbearing, at least it shows that they care. They'll speak highly of you constantly to show how much they adore you.

However, if they miss or forget one thing, it doesn't mean they don't love you. They are humans and they do their best, importantly if you know deep down that they care. You shouldn't hold it against them forever.

There are plenty of love languages in this world, and ways to show how much you love someone, but be mindful. Be aware of your words and actions to someone else.

This is not a piece for just significant others, but a piece for each and everyone of the human beings who step into your life: family, friends, etc. There is no room to be negative with your love. There is no room to shut them down. There’s only room to lift them up. 

Love is patient, love is kindness, and love is support, especially when you know you got each other's back.

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