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Do What You Can and Don't Look Back

What would you do if you didn't have fear stopping you from doing what you love?

We spend so much of our lives dreaming about what we could do, where we could be, and how we could change the world. A lot of people actually do go after their dreams and succeed while others, although they may dream and want so much more, don't take the necessary steps to be where they want to be.

And that needs to stop.

Why think of all the things your human body and brain could do, but not put it to the test? Why dream aimlessly when your dreams could actually become reality?

As you read this you may say that this is easier said than done, and it may be the case for some, but even taking that one step to where you want to go can unfold so many opportunities for you as a person. Learn to take risks as you approach each day. Do something you've never done everyday. It can be as simple as going to a new restaurant, picking up a new hobby, etc. The fact that you tried something never done before is what counts.

The new year is starting to approach and with that comes new adventures that will be given to a person. We've all heard of the cliche "new year new me", right? And then we all shake our heads at the cheesiness that is the phrase, but if you think about it, maybe putting that saying into context may actually be helpful to the mind.

I mean, if a person is willing to do something new for themselves that could pave the way towards this "new" person they want to become, they're taking that initiative.

Recently, the articles that I've written for other sites have focused on how technology is beginning to shape how this world works and how we think as humans. Social media tends to have a heavy affect on our mentality because we see so many people behind these profiles with the same goals and aspirations as we have. This tends to lead to people only showing the side they want to see while keeping out the flaws that they don't want others to see.

Each time we enter that Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat app and so much more, we can't afford to let social media to define who we want to become and how we go about living the life that was given to us.

Make your own story and go through with all your ideas and dreams, because if you don't try than you for sure know that you'll always remain in that same spot of dreaming of what could have been. At least if you move one step forward, you will be one step closer to where you want to be.

I write these articles because they tend to be how I feel and what goes through my mind, but I also write these articles so that the reader can relate to what I have to say. The readers will not feel alone in this journey that we call life.


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